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National Clean Hands Week September 18-24

National Clean Hands Week September 18-24

According to the U.S. centers for disease control

and prevention (cdc), the single most important
thing we can do to keep from getting sick and
spreading illness to others is to clean our hands.

think about It

When you…

➜Borrow a pencil
➜Reach for a doorknob
➜Use a computer keyboard or mouse
➜Talk on a phone or cell phone
➜Shake hands or high-five
➜Handle a football, basketball, baseball bat,
or barbell
Did the people who touched those items
before you have clean hands?
Don’t you wish they had washed their hands?
Wouldn’t the people who will touch those
things after you want you to do the same?

Have you washed your hands today?

Before you…

➜Pick up a hamburger or eat anything with
your hands
➜Touch your eyes or mouth
➜Put a band-aid on a cut or sore

…do you wash your hands?

After you…

➜Go to the bathroom
➜Blow your nose, cough or sneeze
➜Handle garbage
➜Touch a pet or clean up after a pet
➜Come in contact with someone who is sick
➜Rub your nose

…do you wash your hands?

Source University of New Hampshire
Health Services

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